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All of the English dailies today report on the tabling of the anti-fake news law in parliament and its proposed penalties for offenders.

RM500,000 Fine For Spreading Fake News – The Anti-Fake News Bill 2018, which was tabled for its first reading yesterday, also provides for imprisonment of up to ten years, according to New Straits Times. The bill applies to Malaysians and foreign nationals.

Hard Line On Fake News – The bill will not only deal with all forms of unverified information not only in the media but also businesses, MalayMail reports. Offenders could be slapped with RM500,000 in fines.

RM500,000 Fine Or 10 Years’ Jail – theSun reports that if the fake news concerns Malaysia or its netizens, the bill will empower the government to take action against any person regardless of nationality, even if it is committed outside of Malaysia.

Hefty Bill For Fakery – The Star says lawyers and media professionals have urged the Government to clearly define the offences and the law’s scope, saying it has far-reaching implications on freedom of speech.

A few Malay dailies also report on the anti-fake news bill, while others frontpaged Selangor Sultan’s call to solve the water crisis, and the growing controversy surrounding preacher, Syamsul Debat.

Penjara, Denda RM500,000 (Imprisonment, RM500,000 Fine) – Datuk Azalina Othman said the government will not compromise on the spread of fake news that could cause widespread disorder and disrupt national security, as quoted by Utusan Malaysia.

Penjara 10 Tahun Jika Sebar Berita Palsu (10-Year Imprisonment For Spreading Fake News) – According to Kosmo!, fake news is described as any information, data and reports that are not complete or entirely fabricated and published in any form of media such as article, visual or audio recordings.

Sultan Selangor Titah Selesai Segera Isu Air (Sultan Selangor Wants Water Problems Fixed) – Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah wants the Selangor state government to collaborate with the federal government to finalise the takeover process of the water concession company for the benefit of the people, as headlined in Berita Harian.

Henti Politik Isu Air (Stop Politicising The Water Crisis) – Sinar Harian also chose to highlight the Sultan’s call to keep politics away from solving the water issue in Selangor.

‘Apa Motif Dia…’ (What Was His Motive) – Islamic preacher Syamsul Debat denies allegations of a report that accused him of involvement in a scandal with another man’s wife, according to Harian Metro. He could not pinpoint the motive of the accuser for coming up with such claims.

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