‘I Want To Show That Behind Every Naked Woman Is A Real Thinking Woman’

"She had some trust issues with him at the beginning," photographer Matthew Atanian, a former roommate of Melania's when she first moved to New York, told >GQ in 2016. "She was telling me that she wouldn't have it, he was back to his old ways. She kept her apartment to have her own space because of this."

Ronald Kessler reported in his 2018 book The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game that Melania first dumped Donald a few months in because she saw an ex-girlfriend, model

Kara Young, leaving his Trump Tower apartment one morning.

"She didn't care about the billions of dollars or the beautiful Mar-a-Lago or the beautiful apartment," Kessler told >Us Weekly. "She just broke up with him and she ordered her clothes to be sent back from Mar-a-Lago, she called the butler Tony Senecal, and told him to send the clothes back. Within a week, Donald wooed her back, and sure enough she sent her clothes back to Mar-a-Lago, but that gives you a little insight into her character and of course Donald was impressed by that as well"

In mid-January 2000, the single-again Trump was at a party feting his Miss USA pageant when he told the >New York Times, "Melania is an amazing woman, a terrific woman, a great woman, and she will be missed."

He did ultimately miss her.

Melania, always discreet about her husband's rumored indiscretions, recalled to >DuJour in 2016 that Trump's sort-of presidential campaign back then was "part of" the reason they split up. "We were apart for a few months, not long. We got back together," she said. "He was always thinking about [running for president]. But he loved what he did, he had his business. He was not saying 'Now is the time.' He always had that in him." 

Source : https://www.eonline.com/news/1049293/when-donald-trump-met-melania-the-first-couple-s-unusual-road-to-the-white-house

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