'Fortnite' (ALL) Launches Season 5 With New Vehicle, Rewards, Cosmetics And More

Fortnite's Season 5 officially launched today, bringing with it new challenges (and rewards), a whole new area of the map with the World Collide event, Rifts to send players skywards, and Karts to transport your whole team. Along with all the new additions are a few tweaks and changes on the game's mobile version, including the addition of autofire.

Autofire, which enables the player's weapon to automatically fire when the aim is over an enemy in range, can now be enabled. This new option should make the touchscreen controls easier to manage, as you previously had to swipe to aim and tap to fire with the same thumb. Players can activate autofire after launching by going to Options, then Custom HUD Layout, then Select Fire Mode. There are now three options: Tap-to-Fire, Dedicated Fire Button, and Autofire.

There are also a few bug fixes for those playing on iPhone and iPad. The Thermal Scoped AR will now have proper visual effects on all devices, vehicle passengers can now detonate Remore Explosives, and Health and Shield numbers will no longer be displayed as your own while speculating. Epic Games also says entering Build Mode while holding the fire button on mobile will no longer affect your ability to build in the future.

There are many other tweaks to the overall game, many of which affect the mobile version, and to see full details you can read Epic Games' Fortnite patch notes. Of course, a new season means a new Battle Pass with tons of cosmetics, ranging from Outfits and Back Bling to Gliders and Contrails. To see what's new, check out GameSpot's gallery of Season 5 rewards, and read our full Fortnite coverage in the stories below.

Source : https://www.gamespot.com/articles/fortnite-season-5-mobile-update-adds-autofire-here/1100-6460356/

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