'Shocked' IS Bride Shamima Begum Has Hope She Will One Day Return To The UK

Her husband is Dutch and she was speculating that perhaps he would move from a prison here to one closer to home.

She added she might be able to apply for citizenship there, given the fact that he has family in the Netherlands.

However she was clearly rattled by the fact the Home Office sent a letter to her family, outlining she was stripped of her British citizenship, and she doesn't know what is coming next.

But what is clear is she absolutely felt, in her heart of hearts, that she would eventually end up back in the UK and probably back home in Bethnal Green very soon but what she now knows is that seems very unlikely to happen.

Source : https://www.itv.com/news/2019-02-20/itv-news-security-editor-rohit-kachroo-describes-is-bride-shamima-begums-reaction-to-home-office-letter/

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