10 Unexpected Remedies And Products Worth Trying If You're Dealing With The Plight Of Seasonal Allergies

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Allergies are the enemy of all joy.

Your eyes, ears, nose, and throat are invaded by itchiness, your eyes become swollen and puffy, and, after three consecutive sneezes, you will by law become the unenthusiastic recipient of your entire office's attention. It's a fast way to turn the average comfort of everyday life way, way down.

To help make this pollen- or dander-laden season a little bit easier on all of us, I checked out best-selling allergy relievers on Amazon and asked my colleagues and friends for the tricks they employ and products they trust most. Aside from picking up some local honey and adding it into your diet, the 10 products below should provide some welcome and immediate relief. It might be better to start here rather than giving an ultimatum to your roommate to decide between you and their cat.

Source : https://www.businessinsider.com/allergy-medicine-treatments-on-amazon-2018-6

10 unexpected remedies and products worth trying if you're dealing with the plight of seasonal allergies
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