11 Makeup Mistakes That Can Cause Acne

All skin types can be prone to breakouts, especially if you're using products that are unknowingly clogging your pores and helping acne-causing bacteria to grow and thrive.

According to BioClarity, "As a general rule of thumb, be sure to steer clear of comedogenic ingredients that are known cause skin trouble." These include fragrances and dyes, which "contain strong chemicals that can be especially irritating to sensitive or acne-prone skin."

You'll also want to avoid alcohol, which "is designed to maximize the product's penetration into the skin, providing you with that all-day wear." But alcohol is intensely-drying and can lead to dehydrated or irritated skin, which can cause or exacerbate breakouts.

Avoid formulas with acrylics, which may help keep ingredients together but aren't breathable, thus potentially clogging pores. And silicones, which give skin that "silky smooth" feeling, also "contribute to dry skin and clogged pores," according to BioClarity, "which can cause acne."

The keywords or ingredients you should look for include "oil-free," "non-comedogenic," or products that are designed for acne-prone skin. If you're not sure what your skin type is, check with your dermatologist, who can give you tips and recommendations on the best beauty buys for your skin's individual needs.

Source : http://uk.businessinsider.com/makeup-breaking-you-out-2018-5

11 makeup mistakes that can cause acne
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