14 Skin Care Products Winter Olympians Swear By

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There are so many skin care products from great brands with rave reviews that I often find myself sort of lost in the crowded, loud e-commerce world of skin care.

What works? Or, what works best? What works and is actually worth my money?

Before joining Business Insider's Insider Picks team, I used to spend a lot of my downtime scouring through customer reviews just to see what might really be worthwhile. I didn't have the time or the money to try them all, so I wanted real people to tell me what worked, and not the companies.

I wish I'd had the network then that I do now.

I still haven't found a miracle potion for perfect skin, but I have been able to exponentially increase my resources to get a little closer to what might be at least the most worthwhile.

At Insider Picks, we see a lot of products, gadgets, and tools that are supposed to help make your life — and your skin — better. Though many of them are true to their claims, we can't feasibly use all of what we see come through this office in our every day. So, for your benefit, these are the products that we actually use at home, and the ones we particularly swear by.

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