16 Ways Type A People Keep Their Homes (Practically) Spotless

My young adult life has been punctuated by a number of different roommates—all of whom were varying degrees of considerate, tidy, and pleasant to be around. Without fail, though, my Type A roomies have been the cleanest.

In college, my first-ever roommate changed her sheets once a week like clockwork. (I changed mine much less frequently and crossed my fingers she didn't notice.) During my sophomore year, my roommate's boyfriend moved in with us; he tidied our living room, ran our dishwasher, and took out our trash more consistently than any of us ever did.

I consider myself a generally neat and organized person, but my Type A companions thoroughly put me to shame. My nightly routine typically involves cooking, eating, and resigning to do the dishes the following morning, and my boyfriend can't stand it; any time we cook together, he immediately does the dishes—before he even sits down to eat. I've repeatedly assured him if he'd just wait a little longer, I'd happily do the dishes myself, but the thought of a dirty dish lurking in the sink overnight is—apparently—too much for him to bare.

Every time I complacently accept my cleaning regimen, a Type A roommate (or boyfriend, or roommate's boyfriend) comes along to remind me I could be doing better. Compared to some, I'm actually quite mess-tolerant. And maybe I could learn something from those who aren't—maybe we all could.

Here, 16 self-described Type A people walk us through the very specific ways they keep their homes basically spotless.

Source : https://www.self.com/gallery/type-a-cleaning-routines

16 Ways Type A People Keep Their Homes (Practically) Spotless
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