17 Cheap And Effective Skin Care Products Under $25 We Swear By In Our Everyday Lives

Immediately after that I’ll use a toner. A toner is really important because it replenishes your skin and brings it back to its natural pH balance, which is around 4.5 to 5.5. Water alkalizes your skin, so after cleansing you’ll have a very high pH, around eight or nine. Using a toner brings it back to its normal pH level and also preps your skin for the moisturizer. The way I describe it is, your skin is a dry sponge and nothing absorbs if you just drip, drip, drip water on top of it. You have to drench it with water from the top layer to the bottom, and that’s when it can actually soak in a lot of moisture and water. Toner allows your pores to open up and soak in the moisturizer. I’d say the toner is actually the most important part of my skin-care regimen. I’ll put it on maybe three to four times in one sitting. Korean women do this seven times. I splash it on, splash it on again, and splash it on again. The trick for this is not to use any alcohol in your toner. That will dry your skin. A lot of alcohol is used in toners to create a longer shelf life, but it’s not really good for your skin. It’s not good for moisturizing or getting rid of dead skin cells. It’s not conducive to any skin-care regimen in 2017. I use Huxley toner, and that’s one of my favorite product lines. It’s from South Korea.

Source : http://nymag.com/strategist/article/4-men-with-glowing-skin-on-their-skin-care-routines.html

4 Men With Glowing Skin on Their Skin-Care Routines
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