19 Times Lifetime's 'Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance' Made Us Cringe

Let's face it, "Meghan & Harry: A Royal Romance" was never going to be Oscar-worthy fare, but did it have to be so ... corny? This was based on true events, so how on earth (and why) did it follow the traditional formula of a Lifetime original movie, and every other bad Hollywood romance movie?

Surely, the real romance of

Prince Harry and

Meghan Markle didn't follow all those familiar beats, including the pointless breakup, the best friend (in this case, mom) pulling your head out of your ass, and the dramatic airport reunion. If this is how it really played out, then our apologies to every Hugh Grant film from the 1990s. You guys totally nailed it!


Source : http://toofab.com/2018/05/14/lifetime-harry-and-meghan-a-royal-romance-made-us-cringe/

19 Times Lifetime's 'Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance' Made Us Cringe
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