2018 Father’s Day Gift And Travel Guide

When you ask Dad what he wants for Father's Day, he'll probably say "nothing" — but don't be fooled. Dad wants something as thoughtful and awesome as he is — and quality time with you, of course.

Shopping for dads can be tough, but not to worry: We've rounded up the grilling gadgets, travel essentials, cool socks and sentimental gifts that he really wants this year. With Father's Day 2018 coming up on June 17, you'd be smart to pick dad's presents now so they're wrapped and ready for his big day. Happy shopping!

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ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer, $59.99

With the ThermoPro TP20, Dad can grill those steaks to perfection and watch the big game, mingle with guests or just relax without having to hover over the food. The mobile receiver will keep him updated on the exact temperature of the meal. Thanks to dual-probe technology, Dad has the option of using two meat probes for reading internal temperature of two meats or using one as an oven probe to accurately read the meat's surrounding temperature.

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Wampumtuk "Dad, You're A Great Model" Trump Mug, $13.99

Politics aside, we can all agree this presidentially inspired coffee mug will get huge LOLs at the breakfast table. It features printing on both sides, and it's microwave and dishwasher safe.

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QKK 2200 Lumen Full HD Mini Projector, $84.99

Help Dad take movie nights to the next level with this full HD multimedia home theater projector. It can connect to his laptop, PC, TV box, Amazon Fire stick, ChromeBook, tablet, BluRay DVD player, USB flash driver, iPad, iPhone etc. to project quality movies indoors and outdoors in the dark.

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"Star Wars" Darth Vader "World's Greatest Dad" Men's Crew Socks (Size 6-12), $10.99

He is your father, and he'll love these out-of-this-world socks. They're comfy and comical — a combination we know dads love!

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Wicked Tickle Ghost Pepper and Habanero Hot Sauce (4 pack), $28.99

If Dad is a spicy food enthusiast who can really take the heat, this set of habanero sauces is sure to please. They're made of all natural ingredients and come packaged in a nifty wooden gift box.

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Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit, $25.01

Every dad needs a good dopp kit for when he's on the go. This modern travel kit features an internal organizer and a selection of pockets to keep all his toiletries in place.

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Tile Mate - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder, $17.29

If Dad's always searching for his keys or his wallet, the Tile Mate will be his new best friend. He can hook the Bluetooth tracker onto pretty much anything he never wants wants to lose — and it can ring his phone even when it's on silent.

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Knock Knock "What I Love about Dad" Fill in the Love Journal, $10.40

This little book makes telling Dad you how much you love him easier than ever. It's filled with fill-in-the-blank lines and prompts for you to be as silly or sentimental as you choose. Dad will love it whether his kids are four or 44.

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Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Wallet With Removable Card Holder, $19.99

Dad already has a wallet, but we're betting it's not in the best shape. Give him an upgrade with this classic leather wallet from Tommy Hilfiger. It has six card slots, one bill pocket and a removable pass case with two ID windows. It even comes with a gift box which can also be used as a valet tray.

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Mike the Mason Complete Wet Shave Kit, $49.95

Even if Dad isn't the type to pamper himself, he'll absolutely love this wet shave kit. It comes with a Hawk razor that makes blade changes a breeze, five premium men's blades, a brush made of pure 100 percent badger hair, an organic honey oatmeal shave bar and a sleek razor stand. After using this top quality gift set, Dad will see and feel the difference on his face.

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Echo Spot, $129.99

Set Dad up with the smart device he can use to make hands-free calls, watch video flash briefings, stream music, browse and listen to Audible audiobooks, order a pizza, turn off the lights and everything in between. The Echo Spot is designed to fit anywhere in your home and is so easy to use even non-tech dads can catch on quickly and put it to use.

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LParkin Father's Day Keychain, $11.96

Daughters have a way of keeping dads wrapped around their little fingers long after they've grown up, and this sweet keychain is a perfect reminder of just that. Let him know he'll always be your No. 1 man with a heartfelt, sentimental reminder he can carry everywhere.

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DROCON X708W Drone For Beginners, $69.99

Boys love their toys, and Dad will have a blast playing with this beginner-friendly drone. It's equipped with real-time Wi-Fi transmission and an HD camera so he can capture amazing pictures and videos, and it also features a one-key return button that he can press to bring the drone back in his direction.

Looking for even more great finds for Dad? Check out Amazon's Father's Day gift shop!

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2018 Father’s Day Gift And Travel Guide


2018 Father’s Day Gift And Travel Guide