29 Beauty All Stars That Won Our Hearts

Okay, hear us out on this one: This two-part sheet mask involves hooking the bottom part around your ears as it physically pulls your face upward in its lifting quest. Sound crazy? It is, but it also works crazy-well. In addition to being a backstage, pre-show secret for runway models, it got serious points for not being a goopy mess like the other sheet masks we were used to — the firming ingredients are infused into the hydrogel base, so there are no serums or liquids to mess around with.

Robinson is similarly impressed with the technology: "The occlusion effect that this sheet mask delivers gives this a performance edge over traditional cream masks." McIntyre likes the instant effects: "One session with this mask, and my gravity-challenged face (thanks a lot, genetics) looked visibly lifted and plumped up. It was like I'd just had a good power nap that was followed up by an intense facial massage by whoever is responsible for Gabrielle Union's age-proof face."


Source : https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/beauty-innovator-awards-2015

29 Beauty All-Stars That Won Our Hearts
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