5 Natural Ways To Treat Diaper Rash

I’ll never forget the time I was changing my first baby’s diaper during the summertime. He had an angry, red rash all over his bottom. No matter how much powder or paste I applied, it wouldn’t help. His delicate backside just did not like to be against the hot, moist diaper. Turns out, it was a yeast rash, which explained by none of the remedies I tried worked on his rash.

Rookie mom mistake.

But for common diaper rash from everyday use, there are several ways you can help your baby be comfortable in his diaper. Since I prefer natural remedies, here are five natural ways to treat your little one’s diaper rash:

1. Change soiled diapers as soon as possible.

This may seem like common sense to some, but there are some inexperienced parents out there that go too long between diaper changes. Would you like to sit around in a wet, smelly, hot diaper for an extended period of time? No, thanks. To lessen the exposure to all of the bacteria in a dirty diaper, change your baby as soon as possible.

2. Use healing balms.

I was never one for tubes of white butt paste. Many commercial diaper rash creams contain harmful ingredients that you would never put on your child’s skin. Why not try coconut oil instead? Consider using plant-based solutions made with oils like grapeseed and olive, with essential oils added to them. Simple, effective and they smell amazing!

3. Yay for fresh air.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of clean air and sunshine. Let your baby enjoy some nude tummy time on a few folded towels. They will have a blast kicking their little feet, enjoying the fresh air. Make it even more beneficial by basking in a little vitamin D.

4. Make your own baby wipes.

Commercial baby wipes can contain perfumes and preservatives that may clash with your baby’s delicate skin. Why not make your own healthy version like this one? I used to make my own baby wipes for several years. Every time I smell tea tree oil and lavender, I remember when I used to play mad scientist in the kitchen.

5. Consider trying cloth diapers.

During each of my six pregnancies, I vowed to try cloth diapers. I had several friends who did and they made it seem so easy and natural, but I never could pull it off as effortlessly as my friends. Cloth diapers are much kinder to your baby’s bottom than diapers, which are filled with absorbent chemicals that irritate some babies.

Hopefully, you can utilize a couple of these tips the next time your little one get a nasty bout of diaper rash.

What is your go-to diaper rash solution?

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