6 Signs It's Time To Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Full Time Business

Tired of working the daily nine-to-five slog? If you have a creative hobby, there could be a much more enjoyable way to earn a living.

A new report, commissioned by investment management firm Investec Click & Invest, showed that 32% of the population is planning to make a major life adjustment in the next five years, such as turning a hobby into a profit-making venture — a group of people the report called "Hobbypreneurs."

The report — based on a survey of 3,652 people across the UK in February 2017, as well as a snap poll survey of 2,000 people in July 2017 — also revealed that 79% of people agreed there was "no age limit on making a big change to your life." Some 79% added that they would rather do something they love than something well paid.

Meanwhile, a new report from Not on the High Street and Oxford Economics showed that over a quarter of the 134,000 creative businesses in the UK are run by women, with 95% citing a greater sense of achievement due to running their own business.

Online marketplace Etsy provides one such platform for creative Hobbypreneurs to turn their side hustle into a full-time career.

Etsy has 1.7 million active sellers and 28.6 million active buyers. In return for a 3.5% cut of sales, it allows those with a knack for creating something — from knitwear to perfume, and jewellery to pottery — to set up a shop. And it turns out they're turning a pretty healthy profit, when it's done right.

We spoke to four successful Etsy sellers in the UK to find out how they turned an on-the-side hobby into a money-making venture. Scroll down to read their stories.

This 34-year-old woman doubled her salary by going full-time with Etsy — and works only four days a week.

Louise Verity

Name: Louise Verity

Source : http://uk.businessinsider.com/etsy-sellers-turned-their-side-hustles-into-successful-businesses-2017-8

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