7 Things Dermatologists Do For Great Skin

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Dr. Annie Chiu recommends this lip mask as an overnight lip moisturizer, but she also uses it throughout the day. It's glossy and very hydrating.
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  • Hydration helps your skin look more vibrant and smooth in the present, fills in and conceals the severity of wrinkles you already have, and prevents future damage.

  • I asked

    Dr. Annie Chiu, a dermatologist with a medical degree from Stanford University, what moisturizing products she herself uses to keep her skin hydrated in the winter.

  • Dr. Chiu recommends a makeup melter, a foaming detox mask, an antioxidant-rich essence treatment, a leave-on lip mask, a mist moisturizer, a sunscreen oil with SPF 50, and a facial oil that helps restore the skin's natural moisture barrier.

The idea that hydrating your skin is good for it is an idea that inspires little flack from people. That well-worn mantra lives in the relatively large pile of things we accept without question — vegetables are good for you, water is too.

But even though we accept that hydration is good for our skin, it's not always an easy ideal to uphold. For instance, the winter can pose a challenge to the lightweight lotions and creams you turn to during the more hospitable months of the year. Humidity in the air drops and the icy, dry outdoors forces the water in your skin to evaporate more quickly. As a result, it can look dry and flaky, even if your skin care routine was foolproof a couple months before.

While having dry skin for nearly four months of the year doesn't seem like the end of the world, it's important to see skin care from a larger context. Moisturized skin is not only clearer, brighter, and more elastic in the present, but it also has been linked to less wrinkled skin in the future. You can't control every factor that causes skin damage, but habits, like smoking, drinking, moisturizing, and limiting your exposure to the sun with sunscreen, are a few of the ones within your control.

With both long- and short-term effects on your body's largest organ, it's another reliable shorthand that investing in your skin is one of the smartest and most high-impact cosmetic investments you can make. If the challenge is a little steeper in the winter, you might have to pick up some smarter or more heavy-duty products to help you.

I asked Dr. Annie Chiu, a dermatologist with a medical degree from Stanford University, for recommendations on a solid hydration routine, plus the products she herself uses. Nobody, including me, wants to waste time or money trying to bump into the best stuff out there — I'd prefer to shop straight from the expert's shopping cart.

Below you'll find Dr. Chiu's seven go-to products for keeping skin moisturized, plus why she loves them.

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