9 Of The Best Mattress Toppers On Amazon, Each With At Least 1,200 Reviews

A great mattress topper is one of life's little joys. Simply throw it atop any lackluster mattress—the stale one occupying your college dorm when you first moved in, the lightly used one you inherited from that person who owned your apartment before you, the inexpensive one you bought yourself when you first moved to a new city—and voilà, instant comfort. (I've recently learned that mattress toppers make air mattresses exponentially more sleep-able, as well. So you're welcome for that tip.)

But finding a good mattress topper can be a serious challenge. Material varies—do you want gel, memory foam, down alternative, or some other kind of cushion? Texture, thickness, density, and size vary, too. Some mattress toppers come ventilated, while others come scented. Sifting through all these options might have you so overwhelmed you're losing sleep at night—which is precisely the thing a mattress topper is supposed to prevent.

Well, stress not. Because I've compiled a shopping guide for nine of the best mattress toppers on Amazon, according to reviews. Each of these products has a4-star rating or higher after at least 1,231 reviews, and they're not terribly expensive, either. (As you'll see, Lucid Mattress Toppers will pop up again, and again, and again. Apparently, they know how to make an excellent mattress topper.) Most of these toppers come in multiple sizes—I've included the price for a queen bed.

Source : https://www.self.com/gallery/best-mattress-toppers-on-amazon

9 of the Best Mattress Toppers on Amazon, Each With at Least 1,200 Reviews
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