Aldi Supermarket Scotch Whiskey The Best? One Drinkers' Journal Says It Is

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An Aldi store.(Photo: Scott Olson, Getty Images)


Let us distill this for you.

Raise a glass for Aldi — yes, Aldi, the no-frills grocery chain that bills itself as the place for cheap but high-quality house brands — which has prevailed in a trade journal that went searching for the best bottles of scotch.

No, we're not the least bit tipsy. The German chain, which is expanding rapidly in the U.S., earned high praise from a British publication called "The Spirits Business" in its 2018 Scotch Whisky Masters competition.

Unfortunately, it appears the scotch is not available for sale at U.S. stores. Grocery stores in many states often can't legally sell liquor.

But that didn't stop fans from buzzing about the drinks on social media.

In the category of age-statement blends, Aldi's Highland Black 8-year-old Scotch, with hints of heather, strawberry leaf and lemon oil, was one of three products to earn a gold medal. Available in Aldi stores in the United Kingdom, it sells for the British equivalent of $17.32.

In the Islay single malts category, Aldi’s Glen Marnoch Islay Single Malt also soaked up a gold medal, along with one other honoree. It is priced at about $23.32.

Aldi representatives were not available for comment. Maybe they're out at the pub celebrating.

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Aldi supermarket scotch whiskey the best? One drinkers' journal says it is
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