Angelina Jolie's Relationship With Brad Pitt Is Affecting Their Custody Agreement

Angelina Jolie is said to be pulling out of a movie she’s been desperately trying to get into production for years, because she does not want to work with ex Brad Pitt.

Up until now the actress has been on board to direct Africa, an £85m biopic of archaeologist Dr. Richard Leakey, who led the fight to end to elephant poaching.

But a source close to the movie’s producers reportedly claims Angelina has stepped down from directing duties and is distancing herself from the project entirely.

Seeing as Pitt – who Jolie is now divorcing after two years of marriage – is allegedly still keen to star in Africa, it seems she’s done a bunk to avoid him.

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Brad isn’t as ready to let go as Ange, apparently (Picture: Universal)

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A source told Heat Street: ‘This movie has been a nightmare to get off the ground from the beginning.

‘Until the last few weeks Angelina was resolute in her intent to get it made but now she doesn’t want to direct it at all.’

‘Brad Pitt was still interested in acting in the movie — for him it was Seven Years in Tibet set in Africa and he wasn’t ready to give up on it. But Angelina now doesn’t want to have any kind of relationship with him, personal or professional.’

Other problems that have apparently blocked the production of Africa are disagreements between Jolie and Skydance Productions, who are producing the movie.

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The former couple at the Mr And Mrs Smith premiere with producer Arnon Milchan (Picture: Getty)

Heat Street also claims Jolie did not want to make a love story, and that financing the project has proved difficult.

Meanwhile Brad and Ange seem to be entering into a serious post-marriage war, after Jolie allegedly filed for divorce after a family row last Wednesday.

Pitt was accused of being ‘physically and verbally abusive’ to their son Maddox on a flight, with the incident being investigated by the FBI.

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Pitt and Marion Cotillard on the set of their WW2 thriller Allied (Picture: Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock)

This revelation comes after the Fight Club actor was accused in the media of having an affair with French actress Marion Cotillard during filming for their new movie Allied.

Meanwhile Pitt is said to be ‘crying and devastated’ by Jolie’s decision to divorce him, with his camp issuing the threat that the actress has ‘unleashed hell’ by indicating she would not want her ex to share custody of their six kids.

Advertisement reached out to Jolie’s reps for comment.

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