Antioxidants: Your Body's Very Own James Bond


Sadly, it seems that so many people jump to conclusions. So many comments made without the facts or research to back it up. If you look deep enough, which tends not to be very deep, there are variables with everything in life. I can eat all the fruits and veggies I can possibly scoop up from the grocery store (obviously, not meant literally, though, I am sure many already began processing the statement as such) and still not get much in the way of nutrition or antioxidants. The same goes for the "antioxidants". I can take a whole bottle of multivitamins with minerals and not get much at all in the way of antioxidants. So, we have a general statement made by someone who actually does know what she is talking about but didn't put her words in the perfect array as to please all the naysayers and those who have nothing better to do with their time then to put her down. Supplements, like fruits and vegetables, can be good for you or detrimental to your health. Everything in moderation. I have yet to find anyone in the many countries and islands that I have travelled that is without free radical overload. Much of it is from living in today's world – where pollution attacks us from all angles – what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch – so much of it is so polluted and has been for so long, our bodies and minds are so overwhelmed we can't even have a decent discussion without throwing out more pollution. Sad. Good quality fruits and vegetables – with the least amount of contaminants, often home grown taste different, look different and heal differently than most store bought or genetically modified items of the same category. The same goes for supplementation. If the company is using contaminated products to make the supplements you are not likely to see much in the way of benefits from taking them. I have seen vitamin capsules on abdominal xrays of people who haven't taken their vitamins in a week... no absorption of any nutrients came from that supplement. Yet others, made with high quality ingredients can make a huge difference. I have seen this in my own patients and family members, first hand. You really have to scrutinize the study results so much because the way they word things can be very misleading. There are tests that can be done to measure certain antioxidants in your body that will give a good idea of the quality of the foods and supplements you are taking and whether or not your body is able to absorb them. One such test uses the Raman spectroscopy technology and measure the carotenoids noninvasively. Millions of dollars have gone into studies with this technology and hundreds of thousands of people have been tested and the results are overwhelmingly conclusive. Lester Packer does know what he's talking about. I liked this article and thought she did a nice job bringing to light something that maybe most of us can agree on is a bit controversial and many studies are deficient in their details. Sarah gives us something to think about and a starting point to do our own research with our own patients to see what we findings we can come up with. If she gave all the details and answers that some of you think she should have put into this short article it would be too long to read! Like my message. Give her a break. Have questions for her? Her info is there. Contact her – and if you still don't like what she says and can prove her wrong, then beat her up- as some of you have attempted to do. But give her a chance. I will be looking forward to reading the aricles you write and have published that disprove what she is saying... after you complete your own studies.

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Antioxidants: Your body's very own James Bond
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Antioxidants: Your body's very own James Bond