Asbestos Risk Prompts Claire's Make Up Recall

Claire’s, an international retailer of trendy jewelry and accessories that operates a store in Stillwater, is voluntarily recalling three make-up items after testing done for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found a type of asbestos in them.

The FDA said it targeted selected Claire’s make-up products for testing after hearing reports of contaminated cosmetics being sold by the retailer.

The FDA says people should not use the products under recall because they could contain asbestos fibers, which can cause cancer if inhaled or swallowed. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is often found near talc, the base for many powdered cosmetics.

The FDA says talc mining sites must be selected carefully and and talc ore must be purified to prevent contamination with asbestos.

Claire’s has removed the cosmetics in question, which were offered for sale between October 2016 and March 2019, from its stores. People who already have the products should stop using them and return them to a Claire’s store for a full refund.

The company also pulled nine products from its shelves in December 2017 after a television station raised concerns about them containing asbestos and defended itself in March 2018 after Dutch authorities raised the same concerns about Claire’s cosmetics. Claire’s took issue with the testing method Dutch authorities used and maintained that its products had met FDA and Health Canada cosmetic safety standards as well as the standards of other European Union enforcement agencies.

The products currently under recall are:

Claire’s Eye Shadows – Batch/Lot No. 08/17

Claire’s Compact Poweder – Batch/Lot No. 07/15

Claire’s Contour Palette – Batch/Lot No. 04/17

The FDA and Claires both say they are not aware of any consumer who has reported being hurt by the products. Healthcare professionals and consumers are being encouraged to report any adverse reactions related to the Claire’s products. An FDA report form, which can either be completed and submitted online or can be downloaded and faxed, can be found at

Claire’s released the following statement on Tuesday: 

“Claire’s continues to have confidence in the safety and composition of its products and is taking these actions out of an abundance of caution. We are working with FDA to ensure the agency and our customers share that confidence. Claire’s understands many parents trust and expect us to hold the cosmetics purchased by and for their children to the highest possible safety standards. In the past year, Claire’s switched to talc-free manufacturing for all its cosmetics.

The company invites customers with questions to contact Claire’s at 800-252-4737, option 2, from 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m. EDT.

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