Becca Cosmetics Set To Launch First Ever Skin Collection

Makeup may have dominated our teenage years, but once those inevitable late twenties arrive, skin care immediately ranks higher. All of a sudden, the word “anti-aging” becomes part of our vocabulary and brands are encouraging us to invest in retinols, eye creams and whatever else to slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Now, more than ever, we’re hip to the fact that getting older is actually okay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart and/or preventative about your daily routine, either.

And this also shouldn’t require choosing between a makeup-free or fully-covered face. Simply merge your skin care and cosmetics in a way that aids your specific concerns, whether it be acne, excess oil, dryness or something else from the long list of things we deal with. Of course, this usually takes some time and a bit of trial-and-error, but what about a product that cuts corners and blends the two in one?

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That’s the premise behind Becca Cosmetics’ first-ever foray into the skin care realm with its “Skin Love” collection. The brand’s mostly known for its next-level highlighters and high profile celeb collabs, like the Endless Summer Glow collection with Chrissy Teigen. But this time around, their focus is innovation, with three new launches made of the stuff you can feel good about slathering on. Here’s the 411 on each, which you can buy starting this Friday (August 3):

becca blur foundation Becca Cosmetics Set to Launch First Ever Skin Collection

Becca Cosmetics

The Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation ($44) is a medium-coverage cream foundation, enriched with the brand’s exclusive brightening complex that brightens and nourishes the skin. It includes avocado, algea, honey, vitamins C and E, licorice and blueberry extract. The “smart” formula also adapts to your skin’s chemistry as it’s applied, so you’re getting that second-skin finish that doesn’t look caky.

becca glow elixir Becca Cosmetics Set to Launch First Ever Skin Collection

Becca Cosmetics

The Glow Elixir ($48) is a lightweight serum meant to be worn under your makeup or primer as a complexion booster. It’s also made with that brightening complex we just talked about, in addition to micro-pearls for a dewier (not sweaty-looking) finish.


becca highlighting balm Becca Cosmetics Set to Launch First Ever Skin Collection

Becca Cosmetics

And finally, the Glow Glaze Stick (not to be confused with delicious glazed donuts) is the least expensive ($28) and poised to become a customer favorite, in our humble opinion. Think of it as a low-key highlighter, without the excess shimmer. It can be rolled on top of makeup or used on naked skin, both of which will deliver that glossy, non-greasy finish effortlessly pulled off on high fashion runways.

We can’t wait to get our hands on all three.

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Becca Cosmetics Set to Launch First-Ever Skin Collection
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