Brees Foundation Partners With Hospital To Help Women Recover From Cancer

A local Penticton boy's mother is hoping to give back to the B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation with a fundraiser, to recognize the impact they had on her life when her son was undergoing cancer treatment. 

Wills Hodgkinson is eight years old and has been battling cancer for just over a year, requiring regular trips to Vancouver for treatment and recovery time far away from home. His mother, Neeley Brimer, says the foundation was a major part of their everyday lives while Wills was hospitalized. 

"Their job is just to make the process easier for the patients and the patients' families, and we were really impacted by them," Brimer said. "Whether it was that they were bringing Wills a Lego that day, because he was too sick to walk, or they came across a couple extra Canucks tickets and they knew he loved hockey so they sent us to the game."

Brimer said she was "overwhelmed" by a need to give back to the foundation, now that Wills is doing better. She and her partner Eric Inglis decided to hold a fundraiser for the Tour of Hope movement which benefits the B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation.

On Jan. 19, Inglis Real Estate will be hosting a luxury home tour featuring local properties, plus raffle prizes, wine and bites to eat at each stop. It will conclude with live music and raffle draws at the new Wine Experience Centre at the Lakeside Resort.

"We thought it would be really cool for the people of the community to get to see these luxury homes and eat some good food and have some good wine. It all just kind of married together, something fun to do that other people can experience," Brimer said. 

Proceeds will be going directly back to the hospital foundation. Brimer looks back on the time when Wills was first diagnosed and can't imagine what the experience would have been like without their support. 

"It's obviously a very emotional time, and emotions are really high and you're scared and you're petrified and you're angry, and there's all these emotions that go through your mind as a parent, and they're just there to help you guide through every single day," Brimer said. "No matter what that is, a toy for William, an ear for you, helping you find a therapist that can help you through."

For more information on the fundraiser and to purchase tickets, click here

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