Brilliant! The UK's Favorite Highlighter Palette Is Coming To The States

Who doesn't need a little sheen? Highlighters are a red-hot makeup category, and it's not just stateside beauty buffs—we see you, Kylie Jenner!—who are in on the craze. For the past year, YouTube makeup artists have been obsessing over products from the immensely popular UK beauty brand Sleek. 

The company's Solstice Highlighter Palette, in particular, is said to make grown men cry (well, not actually, but it's supposedly really good.) Its four pans hold two shimmery powders along with two cream blushes. And when users layer the goods, the overall effect is a pleasingly perfect golden glow. 


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The product used to be tough to score in the states, except for those unfazed by international shipping fees. But now, that in-demand gleam is much more widely available—and it's about to become even more so.

The Soltice Highlighter Palette (cue angels singing) became available at earlier this month, and it's set to launch in Ulta stores in August. And in the meantime, look for Sleek products at nationwide Walgreens locations next month. What—you thought a glow that good could only be found at fancy department stores? Negative, friends: this cult product goes for $14.99. We won't judge you if you grab four. Just leave some for us. 

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Brilliant! The UK's Favorite Highlighter Palette is Coming to the States
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