Build A Bear Offers Customers Vouchers After Shutting Down Lines For 'Pay Your Age Day' Promotion

Katie Nanak used Build-A-Bear Workshop’s “Pay Your Age Day” promotion as a bribe all week, encouraging daughter Claire, 5, and son Teddy, 3, to go to bed on their own to earn their bear.

When the day of the sale arrived Thursday, the Logan Square family headed to the Build-A-Bear store at Oakbrook Center. They expected long lines. They didn’t expect the scene that greeted them.

“It was pandemonium,” Nanak said. “People brought chairs, but the line didn’t seem to be moving much.”

The Nanaks weren’t the only ones surprised by the turnout for the event, which allowed members of the chain’s rewards program to create a stuffed animal in its stores and pay a price matching their current age. The crowds across the country were so overwhelming that the chain said it either closed stores or cut off lines at its stores in the U.S. and Canada “per local authorities … due to crowd and safety concerns.”

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