Calgary Woman Devises Head Shave With A Twist For Cancer Research

The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer takes place next weekend and a Calgary woman has come up with an interesting fundraiser to raise money for cancer research. 

Jenn Chandler has teamed up with Dan Allard, the co-owner of the Cold Garden Beverage Company to reach her fundraising goal.

Allard has been growing his hair for the past two years and you can donate to shave his head or save his hair.

“I've always kind of done it for my Dad, and supported him, so it's really awesome, this is the first time I've done a fundraiser this big, usually it's just family donations, but it's pretty cool to know I can raise a bunch of money for cancer and do this for him,” says Chandler

Chandler’s dad passed away two and a half years ago from gall bladder cancer.

She started road cycling to help her through that difficult time and now she and her Positive Vibes teammates will ride 200 kilometres  to raise money for cancer research.    

“I guess that's the end goal is I don't want anyone to go through what my family went through, what I went through, and so the fact that you can change it is pretty sweet,” says Chandler.

 Allard offered to help Chandler and her team raise money.

“I left your classic corporate gig, suites every day and crew cut, and started the business plan and haven't cut my hair since,” says Allard.

Allard has been growing his hair for the past two years and says it’s a win-win situation whether or not he shaves his head.

 “I'll donate my hair, it's at 18 inches now so it's at the length that you can donate it to a foundation, and I've never shaved my head for a cause so it should be fun,” says Allard.

So far $1,300.00 has been donated for Allard to keep his hair.

The goal of Saturday’s fundraiser is $15,000.00 and it will take place at the Cold garden Beverage Company in Inglewood.

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Calgary woman devises head shave with a twist for cancer research
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