Cease That Desistance!

I tried to write this letter a few times.  Each time I found myself ranting.  So at the expense of that, I’ll keep it simple.

To begin, I just completed my teaching licensing program which required a year and a half of student teaching in a large, metropolitan school district—per metrics, one of the worst in the country.  So I knew there would be challenges but one of the largest challenges I faced centered around the issues of transgenderism.

First, it is not so much a cult as it is a fad.  Many of the self-identifying trans students I had  would have been social outcasts when I went to high school.  Instead, they are now seen as ‘cool’ and ‘brave’ by their peers, other teachers, and the administration.  This seemingly creates a self-perpetuating social system where being trans is a means for social acceptance.  So the kid that could be on the outside looking in, the ‘loner’, was now running with the cool crowd.  How many of these students were serious gender dysphoric of simply using the identity of bring trans to be seen as cool?  I don’t know.

But what I do know is that at this age, kids want to be seen as part of the group and they ‘try’ on various identities until one ‘sticks’—per cognitive psychology.  So, at the root of this fad, is a message of social atomization.  Which tracks with the macro social movements where we see large segments of society being atomized and removed from associations that once provided self-identity and meaning (Robert Putnam’s “Bowling Alone” comes to mind).  Thus, for many students who would be socially isolated and left without ‘meaning’, the identity of trans provides a social status and self-meaning—for better or worse (mostly the later).

Second, one letter you posted called on teachers to help end this fad.  They cannot and many will not.  They cannot because, I’ll speak for what I experienced in my district, the district central office has unilaterally institutionalized LBGQT+ to the point of where you either accept it or you do not have your contract re-upped.

For example, the principle at the high school I was at, tried to quash the avalanche of LBQGT+ propaganda being posited by the teachers (which I’ll get to in a second) and the students.  He wouldn’t allow posters to be hung in the school nor symbols that would perpetuate their messages.  I never heard his reasons for doing so.  But for doing so, in addition to some of his personal views he aired during staff meetings, he was mandated by the district to attend sensitivity training multiple times.  He had to be brainwashed, in other words.  Most likely it was a simple choice: attend or else we’ll begin termination hearings.  Central office, sensing that there were others who held his view, brought in the director of the state flagship university’s gender studies department to instruct us during a school staff meeting about how being transphobic was the new racism and that we need to start using genderless pronouns.  Apparently he/she, him/her, etc. are transphobic.  Instead we were ‘encouraged’ to use the following nonsense: ze, zie, hir, hirs, etc.  While a few of us remained healthfully skeptical of this nonsense, you had to go along if you didn’t want to be blackballed for the rest of your career.

And I had to be very selective of the teachers who I spoke to about this.  At times, it felt like those of us not aboard the trans train were operating like an underground cabal.  If we were caught, we’d be brought before the administration and be publicly decapitated and our careers would be ruined.  So we were a small-tight-knit group among a sea of other teachers who were front-line cheerleading this trans stuff.  See, many teachers, at least in urban districts like this one, are left of Bernie.  The Right has abandoned education and the results are obvious.  (Tangentially: we need to re-think and reform our university schools of education—the real hotbeds of true and open socialist pedagogues.)

So no, you will not be able to get teachers to support any push-back on trans issues in school.  Many students report microagressions to their “ally” teachers who serve as the go-between, bypassing administration, and going straight to central office.  That is, many teachers are the ones actively working to create trans-friendly school atmospheres–either by their own preaching or rooting out unbelievers and skeptics.

Having seen all this, it’s sickening and it’s one of the main reasons why I decided to find employment in a district I knew wasn’t as openly LBGTQ+.

Just to show you how bad things have become in education, any whiff of this email attached to me would be the end of my days in public education.  But I had to share with you what’s really going on in schools.

Source : http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/cease-that-desistance-transgender-cult/comment-page-2/