Cher And Paddington Bear Are Tweeting Each Other🚨

The Emmy nominations were announced this morning, but pop legend-icon Cher is already looking towards this year’s Oscar nominees—and according to her, one performance is already a clear winner: Paddington Bear in Paddington 2.

Earlier this morning Cher took to Twitter to announce her pick for Best Actor, and we can’t say we disagree:

Ok….. my vote for this years best performance by a Male Actor… IS….. MAY I HAVE THE ENVELOPE PLEASE…..


— Cher (@cher) July 12, 2018

Not only that, but Paddington, himself, tweeted back to Cher—oh, excuse us, Mrs. Cher:

Thank you very much Mrs Cher. I’m so pleased you liked my film. It’s very strange but Mrs Bird now won’t stop singing to me that if she could turn back time, she would find a way.

— Paddington (@paddingtonbear) July 12, 2018

That Paddington, always so polite.

Then it didn’t take long for the Paddington Bear fandom to start dream casting Cher for Paddington 3.

omg collab

— this is so sad alexa play the gone girl soundtrack (@harry_nim) July 12, 2018

Nicole Kidman played the villain in the first Paddington film, then Hugh Grant in the sequel, so we could totally see Cher being cast as the villain in the third movie.

Cher NEEDS to be in Paddington 3.

— Natalie Sanders (@JudgeNatalie) July 12, 2018

Or maybe the “Dark Lady” singer could just become friends with the Browns in the next movie, because we need to see Mrs. Bird (Julie Waters) sing “Believe” in the third part of the Paddington trilogy.

Or “Lady Marmalade,” perhaps?

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