Claire’s Recalls Makeup After Regulators Warn Of Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is often found near talc, an ingredient in many cosmetic products. Asbestos, however, is a known carcinogen and its health risks are well-documented. During talc mining, if talc-mining sites are not selected carefully and steps are taken to purify the talc ore sufficiently, the talc may be contaminated with asbestos.

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Claire’s recalls makeup after regulators warn of asbestos
Claire's recalls makeup products that tested positive for asbestos
US regulators warn that some Claire's makeup has asbestos
The scare over contaminated children’s makeup at Claire’s now has the attention of Congress
RI law firm seeks end of self-regulation after asbestos found in Claire's makeup
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FDA Warns of Asbestos in Claire's Makeup; Company Disputes
Claire’s recalls makeup after asbestos warning
Claire's recalls makeup a week after FDA's asbestos warning
US regulators warn that some Claire's makeup has asbestos