Could Autism Be The Next Stage Of Human Evolution?

Well, I have thought of this before too and searched to see if anyone else had…I don’t believe that ASD folks are truly unable to connect with others. What I mean by truly is that human socialization currently is rife with dishonestly and that to suceed you need an ability to be dishonest and insensitive-to play the game. People born with an increased sensitivity are traumatized by what is being required of them and it’s possible that this trauma happens at a very young age, causing them to express their distress intensly. ASD people have increased sensitivity to pollutants, allergenic and non ancestral foods, perhaps too antibiotics and vaccines. They are more sensitive to stimuli such as noise and get overwhelmed by crowds. But I have read of studies showing that it’s untrue that they can’t recognize emotions on people’s faces. They just don’t respond conventionally (which is to say as we are often required to do, dishonestly) . We all know, right, that “correct” response to people is societal and doesn’t really exist. Aren’t Asperger’s people brutally honest? That’s not the same as unable to recognize emotions. It’s the same as not being able to lie or “play the game”. And actually that game is a bunch of BS. It makes sense to me that asd people suffer-i am one-this society is no place for a highly sensitive person and i know i personally just don’t have the kind of brain which can conform and learn to play an utterly useless and soul sucking game-i spent most of my life trying, to no avail. I continue to be my highly attuned self with visual thinking and suffer everyday from environmental stimuli which humans were never intended to process. I do think this is true-that this is how humans are evolving and it’s because sensitivity to an actually intolerable situation makes total sense-if people had this kind of inability to deal on a lager scale we would not be creating such an unhealthy world. And Oh yeah I know that people w/ aspergers are often incredibly talented at creating destructive technology. I want to say that most of the stuff i’ve read from autism support groups focuses on placing autistic people in a functioning role so that they can be contributing members of society. This does not focus on the autistic person’s true well being or talents but on their conforming to society where there might be a place for a geeky person to fit in-like in a cubicle in front of a screen. Instead of looking for tiny square niches in a world of BS people need to ask what asd folks really need to be happy as themselves.Also savant abililities could be directed toward creating sustainable technology but i wonder if the people mentoring them are just to often being like-fuction and make money however you can that’s what matters. to that mom-you wish your kid was not autistic-have you thought of how painful it must be for someone to exist in a culture so not made for them? Maybe you should think of wishing that society wasn’t so twisted and could accomodate someone like your child.Oh yeah, and I’m a mom too-even this geek managed to get knocked up. this article is descriminating and offensive and you(the author) are the insensitive a-hole that i hope becomes extinct.

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