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John Watson lives in West Ashley

I started out with some water and then for breakfast, I made eggs and grits and bacon. Nothing’s better than my cooking.

I had a late lunch. I had a sub at the MUSC (Medical University South Carolina) cafeteria. My wife works there and she bought it for me. There was salami, lettuce, tomatoes, bologna and it was on focaccia. I had a Gatorade with it.

For dinner, let’s see if I can remember. What did I have. I can’t remember what I had for dinner. Wow. I remember eating. It was something simple at home. I can’t believe this. I know I’m getting older; I can't retain as well as I used to. Oh, we had Chinese. That’s what we had. I like steamed dumplings, so I had some of those and an egg roll. My wife ordered it. I don’t know where it was from. And I had some water. And then I went to sleep early.

Source : https://www.postandcourier.com/food/daily_digest/daily-digest-take-out-dinner-was-hard-to-remember-but/article_8e0eb26e-82e8-11e9-a737-cf5c3d590009.html

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