Dangerous Home Abortions Approved In Wales…but Is It Legal?

Following the broadcast, the BBC provided information of their Action Line website - a list of services and articles designed to help any viewers who may have found the issues explored in the show distressing. However, those who visited the website found absolutely no information surrounding abortion and when asked why, the BBC claimed that abortion was a “controversial” subject and may “imply the BBC supported one side or the other.”

“Abortion is not a “contentious issue”– it is a routine part of NHS-funded healthcare, provided by doctors, nurses, and midwives every day in hospitals and clinics across the country,” reads an open letter sent to the BBC by a group of charities and women’s health groups who contest the organisation’s decision to not provide abortion information.

“In barring information the BBC is in effect “supporting one side” by treating abortion as different to all the other medical procedures and conditions the BBC choses to include,” continues the letter. “This is highly stigmatising for the healthcare professionals we represent and the women we care for.”

Source : https://www.stylist.co.uk/life/call-the-midwife-bbc-wont-give-out-abortion-advice/251701

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