Don’t Ditch The Coffee Over Cancer Risk News

Success rates were significantly higher among women who used overseas clinics compared to those in Australia because the egg donors were usually younger - as high as 40 and per 50 per cent  Professor Illingworth said.

Donors in South Africa and parts of Europe were paid for their eggs and their identity was confidential. Many women who choose to donate eggs were young university students who plan to use the payments to pay tuition fees.

In Australia, the average age of an egg donor was 32.6 years in 2016. The older the donor, the less chance of a live birth (24 per cent for donors under 30, 22 per cent for 30-34 year old donors, 17 per cent for donors aged 35-39 and 7.2 per cent for donors 40 and over).

The egg donation was also rising locally, accounting for almost six per cent of all IVF cycles in Australia and New Zealand in 2016, up from next to zero five years previously.

Roughly 90 per cent of Australian donors are recruited by the recipient, Professor Illingworth said. Often a sister, niece or the daughter of a close friend. It was illegal to pay donors for eggs and their identity must be disclosed.

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Don’t Ditch The Coffee Over Cancer Risk News


Don’t Ditch The Coffee Over Cancer Risk News