Double Standard: Media Brands GOP Supreme Court Picks 'Conservative,' Hailed Obama's As Moderate

President Donald Trump will nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace Anthony Kennedy on Monday night. The mainstream media will brand whomever he picks a "conservative." This will likely be true, but the media doesn't treat liberal judges the same way.

Indeed, many mainstream media outlets hailed President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominees as moderate — and occasionally even conservative, or at least not "liberal" enough.

"You know, for a Democrat [Sonia Sotomayor] has a pretty conservative record, a very much in the mainstream record," NPR's Nina Totenberg declared on PBS's "Charlie Rose" in July 2009. "In fact, on a lot of criminal law issues, you could say that she's more conservative than some members of the Supreme Court, including Justice Scalia, perhaps."

Sotomayor more conservative than Scalia?! Do tell. I'd love to hear about Sonia Sotomayor's originalist interpretation of the Constitution, and can't wait to see her fundamentally change her decisions going forward, which is totally going to happen, right? RIGHT?!

Totenberg wasn't the only one to call Sotomayor conservative. "Republicans argued her views on issues like abortion and gun rights, and her controversial speeches, proved Sotomayor was a liberal activist," ABC's Jan Crawford Greenburg noted. "But Sotomayor — calmly, persistently, repeatedly — described herself differently, sounding almost conservative."

If mainstream media outlets described Sotomayor as conservative, one might think they'd describe Neil Gorsuch as "almost liberal" or "more liberal than Ruth Bader Ginsburg," right? That would be blatantly false, but at least it would be fair.

Instead, ABC, CBS, and NBC News analysts immediately called President Donald Trump's first Supreme Court pick "a predictable conservative."

When President George W. Bush named Chief Justice John Roberts to the Court — yes, the same John Roberts who cast the deciding vote to save ObamaCare — he was described as "very, very conservative." Again Totenberg came out swinging for the Democrats, tagging Roberts as "a hardline conservative."

When George W. Bush named Samuel Alito to the Court in 2005, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and others branded him "conservative," "very conservative," "deeply conservative," and a "staunch conservative." Meanwhile, many of those same talking heads described Ruth Bader Ginsburg — the liberal darling "notorious RBG" and a hardline abortion activist — a "moderate" and a "centrist" when Bill Clinton nominated her in 1993.

A Newsbusters analysis found that Roberts was given conservative labels 11 times, Alito 10 times, and Gorsuch 15 times. Meanwhile, Sotomayor had only 2 liberal labels, while Elena Kagan (Obama's other Supreme Court justice) received only one. Merrick Garland, Obama's last-ditch attempt to circumvent the Senate's decision to wait to replace Antonin Scalia, received a paltry 4 liberal labels.

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Double Standard: Media Brands GOP Supreme Court Picks 'Conservative,' Hailed Obama's as Moderate
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