Election 2019: Leaders Battle Over Health, Taxes

Tom McIlroy:

Visiting the Liberal-held marginal electorate of La Trobe on Monday, the Labor leader met with families in the Casey Hospital and posed for photos with staff.

Khalil Paygham, a doctor in the hospital, told Mr Shorten he had read about Labor's health policies and plans for investments in the public sector.

He said he was pleased the parties had visited Melbourne's growing south east so early in the campaign.

"Thanks for what you're doing," he told Mr Shorten, noting a large increase in demand for health services in the region.

Accompanied by health spokeswoman Catherine King and Labor's candidate for the seat Simon Curtis, Mr Shorten met new parents Jodi Nankervis and Cassandra Beale, 24 hours after the birth of their second child, a daughter named Myah.

Ms Beale said she was feeling well after the delivery, laughing about the large media pack in her hospital room.

"In this election we think there's a very simple choice for people," Mr Shorten told the couple.

"Do you want better hospitals or bigger loopholes for the top end of town?"

The couple also have a four-year-old daughter and were expecting to leave the hospital on Monday afternoon.

"I am pretty tired and looking forward to catching up on some sleep," Ms Beale said.

"It's been quite an experience."

After the group posed for photos and some more policy talk from Mr Shorten, Mr Nankervis shook his hand.

"Good luck with it all, Bill," he said.

In the hospital entrance, Ken and Lee Ellis said they wanted to see to Mr Shorten because they were Labor voters.

"I told my doctor to hurry up. I said 'Bill's going to be here and I want to see him," Ms Ellis said.

Source : https://www.afr.com/news/politics/federal-election-2019-live-battle-for-victoria-20190415-h1dhej

Election 2019: Leaders battle over health, taxes
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