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I wanted to reply to your excellent post, earache. I wanted to refer to former posts of mine, but … I'm very surprised, not being capable of finding my old posts? Here in the thread my "No. of Posts" is somewhat above 90; in my detailed user info just 7? Are they deleted?

Here are some links for further research.

1) TU Freiberg works since a very long time for that, a large project was initiated in 2009.

2) The German Ministry for Education and Research funded a program called "Hybride Lithiumgewinnung". By the way, our processing partner, UVR-FIA GmbH (see latest RNS), is already in the boat.

3) In 2013 the final report from 2 was finished. It can be accessed for free under the following link (use the links "Volltext" and then below "Jetzt laden!").

4) For instance, have a look on (3), page 89. There are some authors doing fundamental research (which is still ongoing). You find then for instance the paper "Lithium Recovery from Challenging Deposits: Zinnwaldite and Magnesium‐Rich Salt Lake Brines" (Bertau, Voigt, Schneider, Martin; follow my next link).

5) If you like, study more papers of those authors.

So far about the processing. It is "under construction". Im sure, Keith is working hard calculating one business case after the other, since the process route isn't fixed yet. The 155-pager (doc #3, above) shows some details about that topic. It's something new, which needs development. Such things shall not be fixed too early.

I'm happy about the recent increase of the SP - and more happy about keeping stable on our "weak Friday". But we still need patience. I said it several times: I'm very convinced, that mine goes into production. But that happens not tomorrow! Forcing to accelerate doesn't help. That brings up the risk of overlooking advanced technology and could weaken our position regarding our competitors.

I'm in EMH until production - or maybe longer. It's a really great opportunity - for long term!

And back to the topic "deleted posts" (if so). I'll copy that one into a doc and upload it again. Just in case.

Glück Auf!

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