Feisty Janis Ian Remains \'Society\'s Child\' Decades Later, Headed To Cain Park

, about "a vortex of devious dealings" at a diner, poses the question of what anybody would do for a slice of $5 million. Also, big holiday nods to A Noise Within's new adaptation of Dickens'

A Christmas Carol

, and to

The Gayest Christmas Carol Ever

at the Avery Schreiber Theatre. For all the latest

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Jon Robin Baitz's Pulitzer Prize finalist Other Desert Cities opened at the Taper on Sunday. I felt both impressed and detached from the play, and Robert Egan's staging of it, featuring  Robert Foxworth and JoBeth Williams. See this week's stage feature for the review.

Do take a seat: In related theater news, as part of its fundraising campaign for its new home at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, City Garage theater company is selling its vintage (1930s) seats, with platforms used in its former digs -- 50 seats for $2,000. Email citygarge@citygarage.com for more information.

NEW THEATER REVIEWS, scheduled for publication December 11, 2012

PICK OF THE WEEK: 86'D What would you do for a hefty slice of $5 million? Some answers come along with laughs in this dark comedy by Jon Polito and Darryl Armbruster. At an all-night Big Apple diner (masterfully designed by Danny Cistone), Dame Fortune smiles when one of the oddball regulars (Alan Ehrlich) gleefully announces he's won the lottery, displays the ticket, then dies of a heart attack. The shock and public-spirited concern from the patrons and staff soon is swapped for something more befitting the situation -- greed. Sucked into the ensuing vortex of devious dealings are waitress Angela (Jamie Kerezsi), Nick (Lou Volpe), proprietor Willie the baker (Michael Edward Thomas), Ray (Lucan Melkonian), his gal Kim (Julianna Bolles) and Mamie (the hilarious Susan Fisher), who liberally shrieks obscenities while fastidiously shredding napkins at the counter. Toss in some street toughs, a violent, degenerate gambler (Matt McVay) and a crooked cop (Ed Dyer, in a performance bordering on caricature), and the avarice turns drolly murderous. Watching these scoundrels stumble from one desperate, idiotic scheme and mishap to another is a kick, and director Ronnie Marmo keeps the comic chaos finely tuned. Notwithstanding its predictable plot twists, the show is thoroughly entertaining. Theatre 68, 5419 Sunset Blvd., Suite D., Hlywd; Fri.-Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m.; through Dec. 22. (323) 960-5068, plays411.net (Lovell Estell III )


L to R: Rob Elk and Pete Colburn L to R: Rob Elk and Pete Colburn

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Feisty Janis Ian Remains \'Society\'s Child\' Decades Later, Headed To Cain Park

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Feisty Janis Ian Remains \'Society\'s Child\' Decades Later, Headed To Cain Park