Final 4 Of The 2018 Geology World Cup

2018 Geology World Cup

Only 4 countries left in the 2018 Geology World Cup! Vote in the semifinal matches!

Game 1: Perú vs. Colombia

In what is likely a massive upset, Perú snuck by Russia by only a few percentage points. So, now the match for the finals is two South American teams. There isn’t a lot that sets Colombia and Perú apart: they both have active volcanoes, they both experience earthquakes, they both host parts of the Andes and parts of the Amazon Basin. Most people likely don’t even know that Colombia and Perú share a common border!

Game 2: Iceland vs. Japan

The second game is two island nations. One is dominated by basaltic volcanoes and a mid-ocean ridge (Iceland). The other is dominated by subduction zones (Japan). Japan might have many more earthquakes than Iceland, but Iceland runs the table on Japan in terms of glaciers. Both countries have actively grown in the past century thanks to volcanoes erupting in the ocean as well!

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