Free Radicals In Skin Care

You’ve tried an endless number of natural products in your (seemingly never-ending) quest for glowy, healthy skin, but do you know what the ingredients in those products are actually doing for you?

To help you decode beauty labels (and find out which products you really need for your complexion’s unique make-up) we partnered with British skin-care knockout ELEMIS to create the ultimate guide to superfoods in skin care.

From your classic go-to’s like avocado, to interesting newcomers like broccoli seed and daikon radish, we rounded up all the vegan-friendly ingredients you didn’t know your skin-care regimen was missing.

The common denominator? Every ingredient in ELEMIS’ science-backed Superfood range is made more potent by the presence of a natural sugar-derived prebiotic, which supports the microflora on your skin’s surface to keep your complexion balanced and at peak health.

Because more good bacteria equals happy skin, and happy skin means more “I woke up like this” vibes.

Scroll down to see the superfoods you need to add to your skin-care routine, stat.

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