Heart Attacks & Women

Two men are wanted in Malden after police >say they were in a store when one of them faked a heart attack and the other then jumped the counter and took money from the register.

One of the suspects. —Malden Police Department

Police were called to the Broadway business on Sunday for the incident. Officers were told the pair came into the store together, “one eventually approaching the front counter and allegedly ‘faked a heart attack.’”

“While the first male ‘faked a heart attack,’ the second male jumped over the counter, stealing cash from the register,” police said on Facebook. “Both males immediately fled the area shortly after.”


The entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

“We would like to make sure they’re both held accountable for their actions, and also to make sure his ‘heart problems’ have been taken care of by a medical professional,” police said.

One of the men also left the knit hat he was wearing behind, according to police.

Source : https://www.boston.com/news/crime/2019/06/18/fake-heart-attack-malden-theft

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