How This Entrepreneur Turned Negative Peer Pressure Into A Positive Career Path

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars speaks with Mike Tauiliili, the founder of social gaming and giving platform Win-Win, about how one smart decision when he was a teenager set the tone for his decisions later in life.

Tauiliili breaks down how his choice to say no to his friends when they pressured him to rob a store changed his mentality toward making certain decisions at other crossroads in his life.

In the interview, Tauiliili emphasizes how many of his peers at the time gave in to the influence of peer pressure and made decisions that perhaps on their own they would have held back from. This subtle ability to say no to others and move forward in a way that fits you is an incredibly powerful influence. Later, Tauiliili saw the consequence of these types of rash, groupthink-motivated decisions creating more challenges for these same friends and peers.

In terms of what this experience brings to how Tauiliili treats his company, the business owner makes an effort to inject positivity into his company culture whenever he can.

Click play to hear more on Tauiliili's life-shaping experience. 

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How This Entrepreneur Turned Negative Peer Pressure Into a Positive Career Path
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