Inside Kylie Jenner's Impossible Struggle: Why She's Having A Hard Time Letting Go Of Jordyn Woods

Woods' personal stock, however, could best be described as crumbling. 

Khloe's decision to cut Thompson loose after hearing from multiple friends that the Cleveland Cavaliers center, 27, flirted with 21-year-old Woods at a Santa Monica bar Sunday night, then invited her back to his house where they proceeded to cuddle and make out in full view of their fellow guests was only the first major breakup of the week. 

In what was, perhaps, a more shocking split, Kylie "completely cut off" Woods, her close pal since eighth grade a source told E! News, asking the model and clothing designer to vacate the guest house at her impeccably decorated Hidden Hills, Calif. spread and leave the keys behind. "Kylie's life has been turned upside down," continued the source.

This is someone she's described as her "only friend", someone she considered to be family and with nearly a decade of history between them, closing that door felt unfathomably painful. And, yet, some situations require decisive action and for the 21-year-old, at this moment it was necessary to show support for her biological sister, the one who held her hand as she delivered daughter

Stormi Webster last February and has never given reason to question her motives. As she absorbs what can only be described as a colossal shock, said the source and wrestles with whether to give Woods another chance, "She feels like she never knew who Jordyn was." 

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Inside Kylie Jenner's Impossible Struggle: Why She's Having a Hard Time Letting Go of Jordyn Woods
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