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The New York Times: Do You Want To Be Pregnant? It’s Not Always A Yes Or No Answer

For decades, researchers and physicians tended to think about pregnancies as either planned or unplanned. But new data reveals that for a significant group of women, their feelings don’t neatly fit into one category or another. As many as one-fifth of women who become pregnant aren’t sure whether they want a baby. This fact may reshape how doctors and policymakers think about family planning. For women who are unsure, it doesn’t seem enough for physicians to counsel them on pregnancy prevention or prenatal care. “In the past we thought of it as binary, you want to be pregnant or not, so you need contraception or a prenatal vitamin,” said Maria Isabel Rodriguez, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Oregon Health and Science University whose research focuses on family planning and contraceptive policy. “But it’s more of a continuum.” (Sanger-Katz and Miller, 2/15)

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KHN Morning Briefing
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