Kanye West Is A New Republican Hero — So Here Are Some Lyrics The GOP Can Sing

Can I have all my conservative, Donald Trump-loving friends please put their hands together and rap along with me:

“I’m a sick (expletive)/ I like a quick (expletive)/ I like my (slang for male sex organ) (inappropriate word, in context)/ I’ll buy you a sick truck!”

Oh, yeah! We’re all Kanye West fans now, am I right? That’s from his latest track, “I Love It.”

I’ve been a fan of the Chicago rapper’s music since his first album, “The College Dropout,” came out in 2004. Brilliant producer, powerful rhymes. Good stuff. And as one of those George Soros-funded left-wing radical types, I don’t mind the profanity one bit.

Source : https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/huppke/ct-met-kanye-west-trump-huppke-20181012-story.html

Kanye West is a new Republican hero — so here are some lyrics the GOP can sing
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