Kanye West Is A New Republican Hero — So Here Are Some Lyrics The GOP Can Sing

He sifted through some of Common’s lyrics and said: “Here’s the point, he uses the N-word. He talks about cops, the reference about Bush, women, Italians — hang on a second. This is the president of the United States of America. You know what? This is not a good message for our kids. This is not the guy that you invite to the White House for poetry reading. This is the guy that we don’t want our kids to listen to.”

Source : https://qconline.com/news/national/rex-huppke-kanye-west-is-a-new-republican-hero-so/article_fb520006-b432-5ce2-a5a9-8657bc8b1fa0.html

Rex Huppke: Kanye West is a new Republican hero — so here are some lyrics the GOP can sing
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