Kat Von D Leaks New Lash Liner For Your Waterline On Instagram

UPDATE (February 27, 2018): We lost all semblance of chill when makeup mogul Kat Von D went rogue on her Instagram last week to share her excitement over what she says is the brand's first-ever liquid liner designed specifically for your lower lash line. Von D revealed a few bits about the new creation — which is aptly named Lash Liner — like the fact that it goes on wet only to dry down to the most opaque, long-lasting liner you could ask for. She even went a step further to show what the liner looked like on her own inner rim. The verdict: some of the most flawless-looking liner we've ever laid eyes on.

As if this announcement wasn't enough, we now have news of another Lash Liner, this time in the form of a bright, blood-red color. Everyone's go-to Instagram source for all things beauty news, trendmood1, dropped the hot knowledge last night, February 26, unveiling a sneak peek of the new hue — or rather, hues. That's right, after giving the post a second glance, you'll see that there are actually six colors in the Lash Liner collection, including the aforementioned scarlet shade, as well as what appears to be a white, navy, purple, and even possibly a green. The photo itself is on the dark side, so it's difficult to say exactly what shades to expect, but we're now certain a red color and a white color are part of the lineup.

Needless to say, if our eyeliner game is going to be as brilliant as we hope this season, we need these new liners to drop, stat. In the meantime, fingers crossed.

This story was originally published on February 20, 2018.

You know a beauty product has got to pretty damn good when the person behind the brand goes rogue and posts something about it on Instagram before her marketing department officially signs off on it. Kat Von D did exactly that on Monday when she posted a picture of her beautifully manicured hand holding her upcoming Kat Von D Beauty Lash Liner. She was just too excited to not share.

Von Ds caption reads, "I know I should wait to announce this, but I just got the first final prototype for the upcoming @katvondbeauty LASH LINER and I’m just so fucking excited! I’ve been working on this formula for years and it’s finally real! This is the FIRST EVER LONGWEAR LIQUID #VEGAN FORMULA - created specifically for your inner rim lash line. The formula is applied wet, and dries down to the most budge-proof opaque black." Whoa. Did y'all get chills, too?

I have to admit, if the formula does what Kat Von D is promising, it will be a major breakthrough that fills a gaping hole in so many makeup routines: a waterline eyeliner that actually >stays on the waterline and doesn't travel elsewhere, all willy-nilly. Vegan or not, that would be quite a feat.

Source : https://www.allure.com/story/kat-von-d-lash-liner-eyeliner-for-waterline

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