Kate Hudson Drunk Dialed Her Ex, & We Totally Understand

Goldie Hawn is facing some backlash for being photographed outside a London party last week looking a bit worse for the wear -- at 4:30 a.m., no less.

Hawn was hosting a fundraiser for her charity The Hawn Foundation at Annabelle night club. She was reportedly at the event for nearly nine hours -- earlier in the evening she was joined by daughter Kate Hudson, but the 32-year old left ahead of her 66-year-old mother.

While Hawn looked lovely, youthful and put together in photos taken around 7:45 p.m., she looked like she had been through the ringer several hours later: The Overboard actress appeared to be leaning on her literary agent in order to walk steadily, and needed a lot of assistance getting into a taxi.

An insider told RumorFix that Hawn was not drunk -- but looked great and fab while leaving the party, and the she stumbled into her car because of the paparazzi ambush.

There are paparazzi pictures of her looking great and fab while walking out of the party. She was so nice when she left the party saying hello and being polite to the photographers, and was not acting intoxicated at all.

The insider suggested the wild photos were intentionally misleading.

As you know the Brit paps are a little unscrupulous and pushy and there were a ton of them. They were pushing and blinding everyone with their flash. Goldie was getting into the back of the car and when entering she was pushed and she was off balance and fell into the car.  Anyone knows trying to get up w a long dress is difficult, and with trying to get the other passengers in, and with all the flashes, it was just totally hectic.

It is sad the way the British press does this. How they push and older woman into a car and then take pictures and say she is drunk.

There is still no explanation for why Goldie was out until nearly dawn if she wasn't partying.

Hawn's bitter ex-husband Bill Hudson took the opportunity to sound off again about Hawn's [allegedly] wild ways and poor parenting skills. Hudson -- father to Kate and Oliver -- criticized his ex-wife for publishing a book on child-rearing (10 Mindful Minutes) when she could have allegedly used some help herself in that department.

She is hard, she is cold, she is a control-freak, Hudson told Christopher Wilson for the Daily Mail. She has this new book about how to keep children happy, but look what she did with her own kids.

[Wilson is the author of Absolutely...Goldie, an unauthorized biography that does not flatter the actress].

She has a raft of publicists putting over her revisionist view of history, but the truth is that she falls short in real life, Hudson continued. She cannot legitimately write a book about how to make children happy until she recognises how she made our children unhappy.

Hudson feels victimized for his reputation as an absentee father, claiming that he desperately tried to spend more time with this young children after he and Hawn split, but that she made it impossible.

In 2000, Kate Hudson told Vanity Fair that her biological father doesn't know me from a hole in the wall. But I don't care. I have a dad [Kurt Russell]. The bottom line is, you call your kids on their f --king birthday. I'm glad I had a dad who was there on my birthday.

Hudson admitted he made a huge mistake when he gave up on fighting to see his children - when Oliver was 15 and Kate was 12. He recounted the decades-old conversation with his children to Wilson: I find myself fighting every time just to see you. I don't want this public bloodbath any more. You will see me when you want to see me, he reportedly told them.

I bitterly regret that, Hudson said. I should have fought all the way.

Goldie Hawn has an active Twitter account -- with over 221,000 followers -- but has not yet publicly commented on the photos or her ex-husband's latest accusations. Stay tuned!

Source : http://www.ibtimes.com/goldie-hawn-drunk-photos-may-have-been-paparazzi-set-bill-hudson-slams-ex-wife-423906