Kendrick Lamar Is A Pulitzer Prize Winner

When he said jump, the crowd jumped. When he stopped rapping, the crowed filled in each blank.

On his recordings, Lamar’s vocal gymnastics is what grabs the listener at first: his speed and dexterity, launching into verses and stopping on a dime; his tone and velocity rising and falling like a bebop trumpeter.

Some of that intricacy on blistering tracks like King Kunta and ELEMENT. was lost in the stadium environment.

Better suited were the slower, funkier jams that let Kendrick breathe and the live band take over from the backing tracks: Bitch, Don't Kill My VibeMoney Trees - performed on an elevated podium at centre-court; Alright, the unofficial anthem of the anti-police violence Black Lives Matter movement, and DAMN’s unexpectedly tender LOVE.

“We got the perfect energy, we got the perfect vibe going on,” he told the crowd before playing that song. “Let’s continue with one of my favourite words.”

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Kendrick Lamar Is A Pulitzer Prize Winner


Kendrick Lamar Is A Pulitzer Prize Winner