Kim Kardashian Makeup Routine Review

Kanye West has a lot of opinions about a lot of things. One of those things, apparently, is Kim Kardashian's makeup routine.

During Kim's friend and makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s master class this weekend in L.A., she said Kanye doesn't hold back when it comes to her glam, according to People.

“[Kanye] is actually really opinionated sometimes,” Kim said. “He will come in and be like, ‘You know your blush is a little heavy.’ Or say, ‘What are you doing? That’s not the shape of your lip.'”

This isn't entirely surprising, considering Kanye is the one who essentially threw out all of Kim's old clothes so he could revamp her look. Please enjoy this now-iconic video from KUWTK circa 2012, when he basically eviscerated her style choices.

He's moved on from her wardrobe to her makeup, and he's so obsessed with how Mario specifically does Kim's glam that he's literally willing to move him across the country to do it consistently. “[Kanye] actually called me and said, ‘Alright how much will it cost for you to move back to L.A.? I want you here for her,'” Mario said.

Apparently, Kanye calls Mario on a regular basis to come over and fix Kim's face. “He will call Mario without telling me! And Mario shows up without me knowing and he is like, ‘Oh Kanye called me and said it was a makeup emergency.'”

Can't tell if this the ultimate form of love or the most rude thing ever, TBH!

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