Kim Kardashian Meets Alice Marie Johnson For The Very First Time In Powerful Today Interview — WATCH!

Ya done good, >Kim Kardashian West


In a new interview that aired on Today on Thursday, the >KUWTK

star met

Alice Marie Johnson for the very first time. As you know, >Kanye West

‘s wife helped convince >Donald Trump

to free Johnson from prison after she served 21 years of her life sentence for a non-violent drug offense.

The 37-year-old discussed why she became so passionate about Johnson’s case, her first phone call to >Ivanka Trump

, and how she broke the ice with POTUS by demanding answers as to why >Khloé Kardashian

was kicked off Celebrity Apprentice. You know, reality star humor!

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Alice Marie opened up about her experience in jail, and how she had no clue who Kim was until after the celebrity reached out to help her.

Say what you will about the Kardashians, but this is truly a beautiful moment. And even though Kimmie admitted to disagreeing with Trump’s politics, she said she still encourages all to go to the people in power to make a meaningful difference. We definitely cried a little.

And it just wouldn’t be on brand if the socialite didn’t show Alice Marie the ropes with using >Snapchat

filters. Watch the adorable clip (below)!

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Be sure to ch-ch-check out the full Today interview at the top (above)!!

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Kim Kardashian Meets Alice Marie Johnson For The Very First Time In Powerful Today Interview — WATCH!
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