Kylie Cosmetics Is Coming To Ulta Stores

CCHHKK: Just list Omar's comments and we can decide for ourselves if they were anti-semitic. That is not what the author does here. He pretends that there is wiggle room on whether her comments were in fact Anti-Semetic, and he suggests that Pence takes the position he does for purely partisan reasons. Both are untrue. Omar had been in Congress for less than 2 months when she had made 4 separate, documented anti-Semitic statements. There is no wiggle room here. She has shown herself to be wildly anti-Semitic. But the Democrats are so invested in Identity politics that Omar's identity groups rushed in to make sure she was not held responsible for her actions. Omar is a black, muslim, woman - the trifecta. The Congressional black Caucus was the most strident supporter of Omar but she received support from far left women's groups and Muslim groups. In the Democrat party, if you hold these 3 oppressed minority cards, you are immune from criticism, even if you criticize another oppressed minority in the Democrat coalition (Jews). Most Jews are white, so their Jewish card is cancelled out by their white oppressor card. They just don't have the cards to stand up to Omar. Now if these rules are confusing, don't be alarmed. They are also ridiculous. You don't have to accept the left's Identity politics ideology. You can chose to judge people based on the content of their character or by their actions. By these rules, Omar is a blatant anti-semite and should be removed from her key committee positions.

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