LOOK: Miami University To Wear Special Helmets For Cancer Awareness Vs. Kent State

Miami University is taking a unique approach to using its football uniforms for cancer awareness here in October. The Oct. 13 Cancer Awareness Game against Kent State will have the RedHawks wearing helmets with different colored ribbons, each representing ways that player has been affected by cancer. 

So when you see all the different colors (red, orange, pink, green, purple, blue, yellow, white and black) of ribbons on the Miami field, know that each player made that decision to raise awareness for that cancer. 

Here's what the ribbons represent and how many to expect to see on the field: 

  • Red: All blood cancers (8 players) 
  • Orange: Kidney cancer, Leukemia (12 players) 
  • Pink: Breast cancer (32 players) 
  • Blue: Colon cancer, esophageal cancer (14 players)
  • Purple: Leiomyosarcoma, pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer (14 players) 
  • Yellow: Bladder cancer, sarcoma/bone cancer (11 players) 
  • Green: Liver cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer (8 players)
  • White: Lung Cancer (9 players)
  • Black: Melanoma (4 players)

Check out all the helmets below: